Kevin Smee

Name (Last, First)
09 414 4400
(021) 220-9772
59 Apollo Drive
Areas of Advice
Business Risk, Health Insurance, Insurance Personal Risk
Professional Designations
Trusted Adviser, Financial Advice NZ
Kevin's passion is for “Every New Zealander to have insurance that delivers at time of need”. He knows this cannot be achieved on his own, so has devoted many years developing initiatives to make this become a reality; Including facilitating and leading a New Adviser training program, Business Insurance Masterclasses & Business Leaders Forums across New Zealand.

Kevin’s clients come from all walks of life - from young families just beginning their financial journey, to large-scale business owners running multi-million-dollar enterprises. His attitude and service towards each client remains consistent. His motto is that “while his clients come from different places in their lives, they all share one common objective - to look after themselves, and their families”. Kevin’s clients become clients for life. A great example is now many of his clients are second, and in some cases third generation - which shows true testament to the trust and professionalism he upholds.

Kevin’s mission is to ensure his clients are financially protected against the worst the world can throw at you. When he feels that a claim has been unjustly denied, he will fight on the clients behalf, as hard as if it were his own family on the line.
Kevin Smee