Owen Grauman

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Group Plus Ltd
09 815 7404
(027) 468-7424
3/2 Willcott Street
Mt Albert
Areas of Advice
Business Risk, Health Insurance, Insurance F&G, Insurance Personal Risk, KiwiSaver / Retirement, Mortgages
Professional Designations
if the unforeseen occurs, how well protected are you and your family? i am a financial adviser, who helps kiwis to identify and quantify personal risks, ensuring that they have sufficient cash and/or income available in the event of health insurance needs, disability or illness or death. if you, or anyone you know: - has insurance protection in place but hasnt had it reviewed - does not have insurance cover in place - are struggling to get the cover you need talk to me about how i can help. i will make sure i get the structure right for you and that means catering to your individual needs. my clients come first in my book, not the insurance company or my remuneration. many clients i have been dealing with have struggled to get the cover that they need and i will quite literally exhaust all avenues available to me to help them! my promise to you is value: a quality service and the best bang-for-buck i am able to negotiate. i believe in having an ongoing relat
ionship with all of my clients and am the first point of call should a claim arise. i will guide you through the process and make it as simple and painless as possible. my biggest hope is that my clients never need to use the cover that we have put in place - it means that they lived happy and healthy lives! are you a union member? if you are a member of a union group, then group plus can assist you in all aspects of financial services. we are not only knowledgeable, but do the right thing for members and their budgets.... that's why union groups have had us on board for over 10 years! specialties:financial services, insurance broker, insurance brokers, financial services brokers, health insurance, health insurance broker, life insurance, life insurance broker, income protection insurance broker, medical insurance broker, life insurance specialist, risk adviser, specialist risk adviser
Owen Grauman