Pradip Chakraborty

Mortgage Express Ltd
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Areas of Advice
Business Risk, Insurance F&G, Insurance Personal Risk, Mortgages
Professional Designations
Pradip Chakraborty Founder & Director of Moneysaver Mortgage Services Ltd. Pradip Chakraborty is a Registered Financial Adviser with a Masters of Commerce qualification, and has extensive knowledge of New Zealand mortgage business. He is a qualified professional banker carrying more than 25 years of experience out of which 8 years he worked in New Zealand in mortgage banking and financial services. Pradip started his career in accounting, following which he moved to retail banking, lending and payment processing services. He has a clear understanding about all the ins and outs of the NZ mortgage business. Pradip is a specialist in reducing the interest costs related to a mortgage and the restructuring of home loans. He offers early repayment of a mortgage without adding any extra payments to your mortgage installment.
Pradip Chakraborty