Rachelle Bland

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Cliffe Consulting Limited
09 4786555
021 631 327
31 Bournemouth Terrace
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Budgeting, Financial Planning, Investment, KiwiSaver / Retirement, Managed Funds
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Trusted Adviser, Financial Advice NZ
Hi, I'm Rachelle (pronounced 'Rachel'). I joined Cliffe Consulting Ltd in January 2017. I had previously worked in the financial services sector for over twenty years, holding positions in a number of major financial institutions, mostly training financial advisers, building advice processes, systems and adviser technology.

I knew I would eventually work as a financial adviser myself, but in my heart had always known that I couldn’t do it within a corporate that also promoted their own investment products. I needed to be able to recommend solutions that my clients needed, not ones where it suited my employer. To have confidence that the cashflow planning I did for clients was appropriate for their needs and also confidence in any investment recommendations I made.

Cliffe Consulting Ltd was founded by John Cliffe in 1997. I’ve known John since the mid-1990’s. As well as being a financial adviser, he ran a software development company and I was involved in installing some of his software in legal and adviser firms throughout New Zealand.

One day I asked John to explain his investment philosophy to me as if I were a prospective client. It made total sense. It was simple and elegant, with an overarching objective being that managing risk mattered just as much as the return.

I’m really passionate about all New Zealanders having access to proper financial advice. We are not born with money skills and no-one likes to talk about money, yet it’s something that deeply affects us all.

Visit our website to read about our approach to investing, download our free e-book or set up a free, no-obligation call with me. Your future self will thank you.
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